Bestp predict prediction policies

All mutant predictors are required to adhere to the following prediction policies, any form of negligence to this policies will be to your own detriment. Because policies may change often at any time in the future please check often for updates.

Games/ matches: Games to predict will be selected from top flight leagues weekend matches and will be released every week within Mondays to Thursdays, there will be no specific day or time to release the games, be the first to get games alert on your facebook wall.

Prediction format: Predict only with your mobile contact through the comment entry and don’t include the last three(3) digits of your mobile contact, for example; 08001234XXX. Please comment with an identity (name), anonymous comments will be taken as void even if your prediction is correct. Lay your predictions under the valid and appropriate post, any out of it will be considered void, also multiple prediction is not accepted.

Awarding: Only the first correct prediction will be accorded the give away so it is up to you to make a swift and precise prediction, Click here to get all the games alert on Twitter, winner(s) comment will be replied by bestp predict so if you are the winner, return to your comment (prediction) to confirm the reply after which you follow the steps that will be given you, send your name and complete mobile contact immediately to See you on board.